I did not mean that positive feedbacks are accidents. Rather, there are so many mechanisms for positive feedback to appear that if the laws and rules of society do not consciously and meticulously guard against them, then the dynamics will magnify any small differences, due to luck or otherwise, into insurmountable advantage thus recreating oligarchs under different guises.

What do these positive feedback loops look like? Seemingly innocuous things like having markets where profits from a business can be used as investments to unconditionally grow the business. Like political parties where leaders, elected or not, can write laws that give them or future leaders more opportunities to stay in power. Any mechanism where money or power can be compounded is such a positive feedback loop.

The largest positive feedback loops in a society will dynamically and inevitably lead to oligarchs irrespective of the intentions or seeming fairness of the rules or mechanisms. All that is needed is time. We cannot predict who the oligarchs will be, but we can predict that they will exist.

Are there ways to counter all such mechanisms? Yes, there are several and none of them have been systematically applied except in engineering systems.

That was my intended meaning, not simply luck.



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