Why China and Russia are Better Than The West

Nabil Fares
6 min readApr 16, 2022

The West claims moral superiority when it has colonized and invaded all across the world. The US SWIFT system regularly sucks the economic blood out of most countries then squeezes them dry with sanctions. SWIFT and the related economic sanctions are a tool for massacre that kills millions and indeed kills more than the physical wars that The West instigates, carries out or supports. It is the ultimate hypocrisy for The West to accuse China or Russia with human rights abuses when The West has such an ignominious history. Europe and the US are far worse in exploiting the world. The US has even weaponized hunger into an art form pushing countries away from developing their agriculture through the IMF and World Bank so that it can blackmail them at will.

Apologists for the US empire brush away the 2014 Maidan coup, the Nazis in Ukraine that the US has supported, the Biological weapons labs that they have funded in Ukraine and the desires of the Ukraine people for peace and cooperation with Russia as conspiracy theory. The West’s own media has reported that the US has conspired in Ukraine but now they want us to think that those never existed (E.G., https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26079957).

Even after all that, some claim that The West holds the moral high ground because there are some people in the West who criticize the system. That is unbelievably risible and pathetic. To start being on equal moral ground with China, The West (especially the US and Europe) have to pay reparations both internally and externally for CENTURIES before they should ‘peep’ anything concerning human rights. Most of all, they should stop oppressing the rest of the world. But what does the West actually do, The West sanctions those who criticize and labels them as conspiracy theorists, whataboutists and Putin/China apologists. They do allow criticism but only with redeeming factors, no chance of consequences or as an implicit warning to insubordinates.

Still more, the Apologists for The West claim that they have people who document the atrocities of slavery and colonization while third World countries, Russia and China do not do the same. Again the disingenuousness of that argument is astounding:

Third world countries are still dominated by The West. In the Middle East, what they don’t control they try to destroy. Saudi Arabia and other Kingdoms are propped up and, as Trump proclaimed, would fall in a week without the support of the US. The West is still colonizing the Middle East either indirectly, through a proxy facade or by controlling the local military (like the UK did to India) and through Western weaponry. Apologists for The West want the people under such rule to speak up about their own crimes while The West still exploits and massacres them by the millions. What an astounding sadist’s fantasy! Still those that the West and the US cannot control, they destroy with well-funded and well-armed terrorist organizations such as through ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon. Every now and then the US says “Oops, we didn’t mean to have those $40 billion in weapons fall in the hands of ISIS or other terrorist organizations”. The Apologists for The West want you to accept that such proclamations make them morally superior to those they are victimizing. All I can say is those Apologists are the most racists of the racist people of the West.

As for Russia, it too was a colonizer but because of its system, it did help as well as exploit. Russia too, was attacked by The West the moment it wanted to develop its own country beyond the Tzars (Russia’s version of Kings). The US, UK attacked Russia the moment its revolution seemed successful. Such a high moral ground! Still the Western Apologists would excuse this by saying that the West has killed each other in many wars (up to 20% of Europe killed by ‘internal’ wars) so that means they’re treating other countries as family! What arrogance, what blatant racism!

As for China, China never invaded another country. China is helping a huge number of people and countries today through its belt and road initiative. The West criticizes this as self-serving while continuing to massacre, repress and exploit other countries.

Western Apologists claim that The West is self-correcting. Tell it to people in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Columbia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Congo, Indonesia, Philippines and many, many other countries. To keep those countries well-colonized, the US maintain over 750 military bases outside the US. Self-correcting indeed!

As for propaganda, The Western Apologists assert crimes by Mao and Stalin while apologizing for Native American genocide, slavery, World War I, II (Nazism, 2 nuclear bombs), Korea, Vietnam and most of all the enforced famine throughout the world today. The crimes of China and Russia are said to be incontrovertible and clear-cut while the crimes of The West are nuanced and, of course, tinged with cries of “mea culpa” so that absolves them. The West takes its cue from christianity where a confession makes everything right! You can massacre your family, millions of people, torture and kill everywhere but because you confess to your f***ing god then it’s alright and you go to heaven. Such arrogance!

Who controls the West? The billionaires and their corporations. The elected officials are puppets and a facade for the oligarchy. Sure, you can criticize the puppets and they may make a show of stepping down but they are the puppets and not the puppeteers. As Aristotle asserted, if you want a democracy, you use a lottery but if you want oligarchy then you use the vote. Voting is the ultimate trickery in the West’s toolbox. It gives the illusion of freedom while allowing the puppet masters to put their oligarchic puppetry on display to placate the people.

And The West is full of lies. They admit quietly 40 years later that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, a lie that killed millions of people, while asserting that every new lie they come up with today is the absolute truth. Such arrogance and sheer idiocy! They say The West’s version of Tiananmen square and the Uyghurs in Xinjiang is the truth. No matter that China provides plenty of counter-evidence, it is The West that must be believed all the time. Why? Because 40 years from now, someone in The West might admit to the truth! Today they say the Bucha massacre was Russian while evidence was provided that it was Nazi police trained and armed by The West that committed the massacre but this is, of course, omitted for now. No worries, for the Western Apologists all this does not matter. Why? Because 40 years later someone, somewhere in The West will silently write the truth about it.

Listen to me you Western Apologists. Listen to the real reasons why the West reports on its own crimes albeit 40 years too late with no reparations and never any consequences for the West’s oligarchs. The West has one of three aims when reporting the ‘truth’: i) it gives excuses on why it happened and discusses at length the agony of the oppressor in doing the crimes while barely giving any humanistic dimension to the suffering of the victims, ii) it inoculates The Western audience to bigger and more awful crimes being prepared and instigated and iii) it is used as a warning to oppressed countries as a graphic example of what The West does to insubordinate colored people.

There are many lies propagated on both sides but there are undeniable numbers that are accepted by the lying West and by China. Let’s look at some of those numbers. First the numbers show that the countries that have seen the fastest growth and development in history are the Soviets and China.

Soviet Russia:

In spite of viciously being fought physically and economically by The West, the Soviet Union grew from destitution to become a world power. With that growth came a wealth of social services including free education, health and retirement. Those happened before they were available in The West and were indeed the pressure needed for the oligarchy of The West to implement them for their own people.


China is by far the fastest, most consistently growing economy in all of history. They grew from a besieged and exploited country who was periodically suffering from famine to a world power and, arguably, The world power. To China’s credit, their aims explicitly included the eradication of poverty and they have recently achieved the eradication of deep poverty.

Finally, all countries have histories that are shameful. In fact, I’m with John Lennon in calling for people to ‘imagine there’s no countries’. What The West excels at is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy in the face of unbelievable dark exploitation and atrocities. Much, much worse than anything Russia or China has ever done and they have indeed done some very dark deeds. The Apologists for The West are racists of the darkest kind. The kind that seemingly proclaim being liberal while providing the excuses that The West needs to maintain and extend its tyranny on the rest of the world and indeed, increasingly, internally.